"I feel supported by my team to undertake any type of business venture or project." – Abel Moreno, Partner and director.

"I feel supported by my team to undertake any type of business venture or project." – Abel Moreno, Partner and director.

In the third day dedicated to the Industry of Navarra, in which it became clear that the only certainty for the future is continuous transformation, the value of "the person" took on special relevance in the face of the dizzying progress of digitalization and intelligence artificial.

Last Friday, March 24, the third edition of the Navarre Industry Day took place at the Baluarte Conference Center, in which Abel Moreno, Managing Partner of Gurpea, participated as a speaker.

A day in which the eleven strategic sectors of the industrial value chain of the Foral Community were represented, including Design, engineering and advanced machinery, to which we were able to "take the pulse and define their route towards the horizon". marked out in the Navarra 2025 Industry Plan.

The institutional interventions of Mikel Irujo, Minister of Economic and Business Development, and Izaskun Goñi, General Director of Business Policy, International Projection and Labor, made clear the vertiginous growth that the industrial sector has experienced in the last year, and the continuous transformation as only certainty in looking to the future.

"The only certainty we have, with regard to planning, is that we are going to live in a continuous transition, which is currently focused on three fundamental axes: ecological, digital and talent retention." - Irujo said. While digitization has established itself as an essential element to compete in the market, the European Union plans an investment of 5 billion euros between now and 2025, to finance the ecological transition.


The relevance of the “human” factor for the evolution of the industry

Premio Industria Navarra 2023 Gurpea

Photo: From left to right. Rubén Compains (Comanai), Abel Moreno (Gurpea), Miguel Sola (TC matic) and Javier Vidorreta (President of the UPNA Social Council)

Despite the fact that Artificial Intelligence was the undisputed protagonist at the discussion tables, the speakers did not hesitate to recall the relevance of people in processes and in the industrial value chain. Innovation and digitization processes cannot be understood without the human factor, which is what makes the real difference in the result.

In this sense, Abel Moreno explained during his speech that what the design and engineering sector really contributes to the industry is knowledge. "We hire and train highly qualified personnel, we develop their talent and transfer that know-how to society through the projects we carry out for our clients and the courses we teach at different schools and business organizations." Abel assures. "Personally, I feel supported by my team to undertake any business adventure or any type of project that clients may ask us."

It is precisely this specialization of the staff, which leads to commitment to the project, what the sector demands. The specialized profiles elevate the creativity of the solutions offered to the industrial client.


Gurpea, an innate growth

Abel Moreno took advantage of the occasion to talk about the projects in which Gurpea is currently working. “The goal is to continue growing as we have done so far. It is something innate to our company”, he comments.

On the one hand, at Gurpea, we are in the process of internationalizing our services to Mexico, a destination to which, together with Tetrace, we will export our knowledge in the field of maintenance and industrial engineering, mainly in the wind field.

On the other hand, we are developing projects with our own machinery for the food and wine sector.

In addition, we have launched to diversify the company towards new lines of business, through the acquisition of new companies closely linked to sustainability that we intend to establish as the axis of innovation for the company.

In line with this sustainable objective, Gurpea's projects already incorporate the philosophy of "circular machinery" whose objective is to reuse between 20% and 30% of the parts and materials of the machines we manufacture, when they reach their productive end, in future client projects. In this way we increase its life cycle, hosting the manufacture of new products without having to rebuild the machines 100%, and we favor the profitability and sustainability of the project itself.


Navarre Industry Awards 2023

Premio Industria Navarra 2023 Gurpea

From left From left to right: Miel Irujo, Minister of Economic and Business Development; Abel Moreno, Managing Partner of Gurpea; Antonio Rodriguez, Director CITI Navarra; Mari Mar Erro, Financial Director of Gurpea.

In the context of the day, the Navarra Industry Awards were delivered, resulting in Gurpea as one of the award-winning companies. The prize was collected by our colleague Marimar, responsible for the financial department, and Abel.

It was a pleasure to receive this recognition of our trajectory, and a boost to continue working for a competitive and innovative Navarre Industry.